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New AEGIS Grid site at MI SANU
In 2009, Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts has become an official member of the Academic and Educational Grid Initiative of Serbia - AEGIS. Another important step in the development of distributed research infrastructure for eScience in Serbia was made on 7 April 2010, when Mathematical Institute's Linux cluster was integrated into the existing national AEGIS infrastructure. With the support of SCL's Grid operations team, IBM Linux cluster of MI SANU was reconfigured as a new AEGIS11-MISANU Grid site. This site consists of 16 nodes with the total of 64 high-end Intel CPUs, now available to Serbian scientific community through the AEGIS Virtual Organization.
With the current SEE-GRID-SCI and EGEE III projects near their completion and with the nascent project about to start, the expansion of the national infrastructure demonstrates strong national vision and active user communities in Serbia.

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New AEGIS Grid site at MI SANU
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